Reuniones Virtuales, Convenciones 
Audio Solutions


Need audio for your meeting? C.E.S. emphasizes on clear, pristine audio, no matter the size of the event, small or large venue, the equipment will be hand-picked depending on your needs.

Streaming Solutions
Need to stream your next event? C.E.S. can provide you with the
right tools to deliver your message from point A to B with the clarity
and the quality your meeting deserves.
Video Solutions
Need video for your meeting? C.E.S. can provide the latest in
video/projection technology, whether it is wide or ultra-wide projection screens, state of the art laser projection, and LED panels.
Lighting Solutions


Need to set the tone for your meeting/social event? From conventional to automated fixtures, our staff has the tools they need to set the atmosphere to really impress your attendees.

Scenic Solutions


Modular backdrops that can be enhanced with lighting fixtures, an
acrylic lectern/podium with LED lights that can change according to
your corporation’s color scheme, can enhance your stage presence,
moving away from that bland black backdrop traditionally used in most meetings.